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My Blog Stats – My First Year

  What kind of numbers could you be looking at after your first year? Which social media channels should you focus on? May 2017 heralds the completion of one full year of blogging for me.

Home Education – Reasons not to be Afraid

There are lots of reasons to choose to educate at home. School is becoming a more and more pressured experience for children; socially due to class group numbers and also academically due to testing. Teachers

Foraging and Drinking Frobscottle.

Today we went foraging with our local home ed group. I’ve never been foraging before, apart from for blackberries as a kid but they always just sat on the side in a bowl once I

Taking the Plunge into Home Ed

This month has seen us take our first tentative steps on our personal home ed journey. I wanted to home educate my daughter from the very beginning, I just never had the courage to go

The 3 Stages of Mum Flu.

Usually in our house if there are bugs going around just one of us will get it. My 6yr old brings a lot home from school, mainly coughs and colds, but Rich and I rarely

5 Reasons Reusables Rock

I’ve noticed reusable nappies are more popular now even than 6 yrs ago when I used them on my first baby, people at least know what you’re on about when you say ‘reusable nappy’. Of

Almost One.

Every time I look at you, you seem to be doing something new. At the moment it’s all about asserting your authority. If I dare to take a ‘toy’ (something you’ve found e.g. a piece

A Review of Lottie Dolls

Searching for original and unique Christmas presents for my 6yr old daughter I found Lottie Dolls A doll that promotes STEM *and* has premium quality hair to play with? I knew Beg would be enamoured with

On YouTube

I'm still posting video's over on my YouTube channel and enjoying exploring YouTube a bit more. Before vlogmas I only ever used it for watching tutuorials - hair, contouring, and face painting, the usual stuff - but

Vlogmas week 3 – The final countdown!

The third week of Vlogmas began with a Christmas wrapping challenge. We filmed two videos with my friend Ceri and her daughter from MyahzineTV on the same day. The British cookie taste challenge went up

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