Hi I’m Kate I’ve been blogging for just over a year. I’m quite new to being a Christian too which is great because from what I can make out, I’ve missed a fair few years of scary end times teaching. My faith is very much based on the grace teaching I have received in the last 5 years since becoming a Christian.

I’m not very hippy or bottom-y, or hippie either, I’ve just chosen a few parenting options that might be considered ‘alternative’ like hiring a doula, home-birthing, and home educating. I do wear shoes, and I’m not particularly fussed on the scent of patchouli.

This blog is about me being a totally average mum. Some things about me: I remember things in pictures. I have a particularly keen sense of smell which doesn’t serve me well in pregnancy. I like cats but don’t own any, or one, even. I truly relish connecting with people and I believe that life is based on the relationships you cultivate. Mum to two little beauties; a Blue Eyed Boy (Beb-16 months) and a Brown Eyed Girl (Beg-7yrs) who has charisma by the bucket-load. Blogging for fun from my home in South Wales.