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A Review of Lottie Dolls

Searching for original and unique Christmas presents for my 6yr old daughter I found Lottie Dolls A doll that promotes STEM *and* has premium quality hair to play with? I knew Beg would be enamoured with

On YouTube

I'm still posting video's over on my YouTube channel and enjoying exploring YouTube a bit more. Before vlogmas I only ever used it for watching tutuorials - hair, contouring, and face painting, the usual stuff - but

Vlogmas week 3 – The final countdown!

The third week of Vlogmas began with a Christmas wrapping challenge. We filmed two videos with my friend Ceri and her daughter from MyahzineTV on the same day. The British cookie taste challenge went up

Vlogmas week 2 round-up

It’s been another busy week of filming for vlogmas in The Hippy Christian household. Click my 3 min vid embedded at the bottom of this post to see what I have been up to. Check

The Christmas Tag

I have been tagged by the very lovely Madeline from This Glorious Life (and I have met her in real life so I can verify that she is very lovely) to join in with the Christmas tag.

#Vlogmas Week One Round-up.

I am 9 days in to #Vlogmas2016 and I'm pleased to say I have kept up and posted a video each day; even more pleased to say I have been really enjoying it. If you

Putting on a show

If you’d asked me do I feel I ever put on a façade for others I would have answered categorically no, definitely not. That was until I found myself plumping the sofa cushions today. A

What Does a Doula Do?

Doulas are awesome and amazing magical women scattered throughout the world quietly going about the business of supporting women to plan and experience a positive birth. A common misconception is that a doula only attends

Church Macmillan Coffee Morning

After having a lovely time at Bloggers Meet for Macmillan I wanted to host a coffee morning myself at our church. We always have teas and coffees and a chat after church so cake is an

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